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We are currently accepting submissions for adventure thrillers which embody our motto, "Just one more page." Our editors are interested in acquiring manuscripts which force our readers to stay up late at night, forgoing sleep to learn what fate befalls their favorite characters. These thrillers should leave our readers gasping for breath.

Dreampipe offers authors royalties up to 40% of cover price.

Details --

  • 80k-100k word completed manuscripts which keep our editors awake at night filled with thrilling adventure
  • Strong characters who leave a lasting impression -- if they're flawed, fine. Emotional train wrecks don't necessarily bother our editors as long as they move the story forward
  • Compelling dialogue which drives the story; long-winded descriptions of unnecessary details bore our editors to tears
  • A powerful, thrilling, suspenseful, mysterious adventure plot. The genres mingle. Our editors understand
  • Well-paced. The story must move, but it must move appropriately
  • No erotica.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please send us a one page query at submissions [AT] Include the name of your manuscript in the subject line.